Why is it important to take breaks from social media?

I can’t emphasize enough on how it’s important to take time to be on your own for a while away from the media away from the crowd just to reflect, to get know yourself better and to live in the moment. 
I decided a while ago that I will always go for social media detox whenever feel I needed to because its really important. Sometimes I feel like I pressurise myself a little too much to post and to be active. When I tried taking two weeks off last week, I noticed that I had more time to connect with others, to read and to be present in every moment. I also didn’t feel like I had to post about anything so I used to not be on my phone as much as before. 




Even if I blog and post a lot about my lifestyle, I don’t show every detail of my life cause I really appreciate my privacy, I love to have boundaries and to know what to share and what not to share. I have a choice of showing people what I want but most importantly I have to always be genuine and authentic in whatever I do.
Taking two weeks off made me reflect more on what I want to do, and if whatever I do reflects my authentic self. I came to realise that, I am the same person but I just need to stop pressurising myself to be very active when I don’t have to!
I usually use social media to reflect on how I feel and I love to always focus on showing a genuine lifestyle away from focusing on materials and fancy things! Because I know that more people want to see “real life” and they want to see people that they can relate to.
Whenever you feel confused or you feel you need a break, take it! its very important to connect with yourself and to connect with people in real life. Media takes a lot from our energy and stops us from living the moment sometimes. It also amazing to take a break while you’re traveling and to be surrounded by nature. You don’t have to put a time limit just delete every platform that distracts you, and be away until you feel you are ready to be back! trust me you will be back with a better energy. 


“The higher you climb within yourself, the more you will see. The more you come to know who and what you really are as a person, performer and as a leader, the more value you will be able to contribute to the world around you” Robin Sharma


‪The hearts of gold are hearts that never change despite the circumstances, despite the distance no matter what they go through their feelings towards you remains the same. ‬

القلوب اللي من ذهب ، عمرها ما تتغير ؛ رغم الضروف، رغم المسافة و رغم الصعوبات. حبهم لكم يتم مثل ماهو مايتغير مع الزمن!


London, 2014

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it with love and passion.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it with love and passion. There isn’t a good job or a bad job, everyone is capable at shining in whatever they do even if the world see’s that its not the best job. You can love what you do for the joy that it brings you!
Sometimes I come across people with high positions that are always complaining and that spread negative vibes around and that are never satisfied! And sometimes I see people with the most basic jobs yet they shine and never stop smiling and greeting others with kindness.

Anything you do should make you a better person it shouldn’t make you snobby or grumpy! It doesn’t matter what job you do, what matters is how you treat people and how you shine in what you do!

We shall never live with pain. We shall live with peace, we shall move on ..


I always found reasons to be there for the ones I love. I always wanted to be there, to fill their lives with light, love and hope. I was always there, I would never leave the ones I cared about behind. I would never change or replace people if they didn’t harm me. But If anyone lets me down, My feelings could change forver and I can never be the same and I can easily move on and leave the past behind. I can’t ever hate anyone I loved because to me love can never turn into hate. I will still remember the good times, and will never forget their good side. I will even still be around, and I can easily forgive. But I can’t ever be the same, when someone lets me down I tend to switch off. When someone lets me down, I try to turn my pain into Art, I try to focus on everything I love. When someone walks away, I know its time that when they will get off from my train and I will continue to move on. For some reason Allah always sends the best people in my way and I’m grateful for that. I understand that nothing ever remains the same and we shall never live with pain. We shall live with peace, we shall move on ..
Image details: London – November 2016