We all need a break, a time off to meditate and to figure out things in life .. we all go through this phase of wanting to be in our own bubble for a while. We aren’t perfect we all have our ups and downs even if our life seems perfect to others. Shutting off doesn’t mean giving up but its another way to rise. And I guess thats what I need right now, my time alone far away from crowd. 
كلنا نحتاج وقت للتفكير ووقت لراحة البال ووقت نفكر فيه لمخططاتنا او طموحاتنا. كلنا نمر بمرحلة الرغبة بالإنعزال محد فيننا حياته مثالية حتى لو ان الناس تشوف ان حياتنا مثالية! البعد و العزلة عن الناس أحياناً ما يعني ان احنا استسلمنا و العزلة لفترة معينه تساعدنا ان نشرق من جديد .. هذا اللي احتاجه الحين .. وقت لنفسي بعيد عن الضجة …



Image details: Turkey-Istanbul|December 2015


Sometimes its the little things that makes us happy. Happiness is not by what we tangibly own but by the feelings we carry in our hearts towards things and towards life. No matter how much we own, its worth nothing when we feel emptiness from the inside. 
Image details: Glasgow-Scotland|January 2015



Without pain there is no gain, without suffering we won’t feel for others and without hurt we wouldn’t learn to change.

Every pain I endured, every difficult situation that killed me from the inside made me feel alive today. I never really thought that a person could get stronger by going through pain and difficulties until I’ve been through it over and over. I realised that without pain there is no gain, without suffering we won’t feel for others and without hurt we wouldn’t learn to change. We don’t realise how strong, capable and brave we are until we go through disappointments and learn how to deal with them wisely. Past lessons teaches us how to deal with people and situations in a mature manner. My past lessons taught me that not everything is worth the pain and suffering. I learned the art of letting go peacefully without carrying hate in my heart and without feeling disappointed. I learned that everything is temporary and that not everything is meant to be in my life forever. I learned that happiness is within and that I should always make myself happy. I understood that I needed to stand up for myself and fight on my own. 
After all we all have feelings and we all go through pain but how we deal with situations is what matters the most, we shall never lose ourselves. This life is temporary such as our feelings. 


Image details: GlasgowScotland | January 2015