Search for me and you will find me between the beats of your heart
I’ll be the light that guides you
I’ll be the voice that soothes your soul
And I’ll be your comfort whenever you feel far away from home.


When you love someone deeply, you love them completely with their flaws even when they’re hard to handle. When you love someone deeply their heart becomes your home & your safest place when you feel everything is going wrong because they will always help you and encourage you through life.
Katara – Doha,Qatar

Let them speak, let them talk because whatever they say never defines who you are!

No matter who you are, you will always have people that talk behind your back. You will have those people that will try to define you and that only reflects who they really are. If you think carefully you will never be disturbed by what others really think about you. Good people won’t waste their time trying to create stories about others or try to put them down. Successful people will always be judged because not everyone will want the best for them. You’re not responsible for trying to explain to others who you really are, let your actions do and speak for you. Whoever chooses to waste time to invent stories about you is actually someone interested in you otherwise why would they waste their time? And mainly interested in affecting how you feel to make you less successful! Also, these people are not focusing on improving themselves but living their lives focusing on destroying other people. Let them speak, let them talk because whatever they say never defines who you are! What defines you as a person is how kind you are and how you treat others. Never be like them and continue to shine.



Image taken on May-2017