When you love someone deeply, you love them completely with their flaws even when they’re hard to handle. When you love someone deeply their heart becomes your home & your safest place when you feel everything is going wrong because they will always help you and encourage you through life.
Katara – Doha,Qatar
Nothing will ever stop me from thinking outside the box.
I have a constant need in doing different and unique things.
There is a voice within me that leads me to different paths.
I don’t want to be like others … I want to be me
Doha Fire station Cafe – Qatar

Some, bring joy into your life..


Some people just bring joy to your life from the first time you meet them. Some are meant to cross your way to show you that life is full of warm hearted and accepting people, people that accept you regardless. They are meant to cross your life for a reason. People come & go and better people eventually cross your way, you just have to look carefully & have an accepting heart!

14-04-2017 | Firestation art residency coffee shop
Happiness is all about how you make yourself happy not how others make you happy. Your happiness depends on you alone! If you choose to be happy you will be even if you’re standing on your own. If you decide to be miserable you will be even if you’re surrounded by thousands of people!
السعاده معناها ان شلون انت تسعد نفسك مو معناتها ان وجودك مع الناس هو مصدر سعادتك، سعادتك تعتمد عليك انت! اذا اخترت تكون سعيد راح تكون سعيد حتى لو كنت واقف بنص الطريق بروحك! واذا اخترت انك تكون تعيس راح تكون تعيس حتى لو كان الف شخص حولك.
Pictures taken: Friday, 1 January 2016 18:40 | Alkhor – Qatar