When I met you I felt all my world was filled with flowers ..
I always loved life, but when I knew you I loved life even more.
I had tears in my eyes every time I saw you, cause I always felt you were unreal.
You were exactly what I ever wanted what I ever wished for.
You showed me that true love exists, though I always believed in it.
Your smile was full of love, your eyes were full of truth.
Remember that time when you were everything to me?
I remember it all too well, 
But I guess beautiful things never remain the same.
Do I still see you the same way?
Do I still feel you around?
Do you I still feel that you differ from others?
You know it all.




Volunteering Solo ..

I wrote this blog for IVHQ Its is an international volunteering assosiation that is affordable and has many projects and contributions that you can help with all over the world. Check the website for further information. I decided to repost the blog here because I feel its necessary to talk about my experience in details since many ask me about it! 

Why I travel solo…

Traveling solo allows me to learn more about myself and what I am capable of. Some people think traveling solo is the boring option but I think if you are capable of being happy traveling by yourself, you will be happy for life! Not only will you never have to depend on others to make you content but when you travel solo you also give yourself the chance to pursue what you want, to step out of your comfort zone and meet other people from all sorts of walks of life.


My advice to other females traveling solo…

As long as you know you will be safe and be street smart, there is no harm in traveling by yourself and there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind things like knowing where you are staying and not going out late at night by yourself. The more you travel solo, the easier it gets and you learn how to deal with any situations that do arise, all while becoming more independent.


The program details…

The location is nearly three hours drive from the airport. Depending on the traffic, sometimes it can take more; however, I knew it would be worth the extra effort because I wanted to experience rural Balinese life. I stayed in Ubud for one full day to rest before heading to Lovina then the local team arranged transport to Lovina and I arrived safely at the accommodation one day before the program started.

From the moment the local team picked me up at the airport, I was struck by how amazing and friendly they were. The accommodation was very comfortable. The room, of course, wasn’t the same as what I am used to, but it was clean and had everything I needed. After all, I volunteered abroad and chose Lovina because I wanted to grow as a person and experience a life different to mine and letting go of those comforts means you learn and become stronger.


Meeting volunteers from all around the world and getting to spend time with them every day is a core part of the volunteer experience. Everyone was incredibly friendly and we all respected our differences. I guess that is because we all came for the same purpose and were bound by our common desire to help and learn. But at first, it was slightly difficult to be living in a house with people I had never met before. It took time for all of us to adjust but I tried my best to take this opportunity to learn. I naturally get along with people easily but you have to break the barriers and try to start a conversation yourself. I would advise volunteers to be accepting and to not judge anyone before getting to know them. I would also suggest they be prepared and read more about the culture of the destination that they are visiting to be responsible and aware.

On the first day, we learned about Bali’s culture. We went on a tour around Lovina, walking and discovering the village. I just loved the simplicity of life and peacefulness in this village. We also received guidance on how to lead our projects and prepare for our lessons beforehand. I loved that the local team supported us to teach in our own way and bring our skills to the classroom. We were able to include a lot of activities, games, and songs with the kids, which made learning and teaching fun. The kids were very polite and excited to learn.


Four things you need to do to maximize your impact while volunteering in Lovina…

  • Be accepting
  • Be ready to experience something new
  • Understand the culture
  • Be friendly

The best thing to do before volunteering abroad is to understand that you may not have what you are used to at home and you might not be as comfortable as you feel in your home but that is one of the biggest parts of your experience – you are putting yourself in others shoes, letting go of your ego and experiencing something different. When you look back to this experience, you will be proud of yourself and what you achieved as a volunteer.


Hope this was helpful! I am planning to do another destination soon, hopefully it will be another great experience!  ..

Thats the link to the original blog post from IVHQ.



Easy delicious Kale Salad

What you need:
  • Broccoli 
  • Kale
  • Corn
  • Avocados
  • Mushrooms
  • Brown Pasta
  • Rice ( Don’t add it if you’re trying to loose weight or reduce carbs because you have brown pasta already)
  • Walnuts (It gives a really nice taste in salads)
For the dressing I used:
  • Apple cyder vinegar (1 tea spoon)
  • Black pepper 
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Honey
The steps are easy and obvious you will need to cook the pasta and leave it on the side to cool down. Then you cut all the vegetables (You don’t need to cook them) I personally prefer raw vegetable for salads. You mix the ingredients in a bowl and add the dressing on top and mix it. Simple, easy and delecious
Nothing will ever stop me from thinking outside the box.
I have a constant need in doing different and unique things.
There is a voice within me that leads me to different paths.
I don’t want to be like others … I want to be me
Doha Fire station Cafe – Qatar