‪The hearts of gold are hearts that never change despite the circumstances, despite the distance no matter what they go through their feelings towards you remains the same. ‬

القلوب اللي من ذهب ، عمرها ما تتغير ؛ رغم الضروف، رغم المسافة و رغم الصعوبات. حبهم لكم يتم مثل ماهو مايتغير مع الزمن!


London, 2014


Every hardship is a test, it’ll pass indeed.
كل الصعوبات ماهي الا اختبار، ستمضي حتماً
Image details: London – 2015

We shall never live with pain. We shall live with peace, we shall move on ..


I always found reasons to be there for the ones I love. I always wanted to be there, to fill their lives with light, love and hope. I was always there, I would never leave the ones I cared about behind. I would never change or replace people if they didn’t harm me. But If anyone lets me down, My feelings could change forver and I can never be the same and I can easily move on and leave the past behind. I can’t ever hate anyone I loved because to me love can never turn into hate. I will still remember the good times, and will never forget their good side. I will even still be around, and I can easily forgive. But I can’t ever be the same, when someone lets me down I tend to switch off. When someone lets me down, I try to turn my pain into Art, I try to focus on everything I love. When someone walks away, I know its time that when they will get off from my train and I will continue to move on. For some reason Allah always sends the best people in my way and I’m grateful for that. I understand that nothing ever remains the same and we shall never live with pain. We shall live with peace, we shall move on ..
Image details: London – November 2016


Sometimes its the little things that makes us happy. Happiness is not by what we tangibly own but by the feelings we carry in our hearts towards things and towards life. No matter how much we own, its worth nothing when we feel emptiness from the inside. 
Image details: Glasgow-Scotland|January 2015