When I met you I felt all my world was filled with flowers ..
I always loved life, but when I knew you I loved life even more.
I had tears in my eyes every time I saw you, cause I always felt you were unreal.
You were exactly what I ever wanted what I ever wished for.
You showed me that true love exists, though I always believed in it.
Your smile was full of love, your eyes were full of truth.
Remember that time when you were everything to me?
I remember it all too well, 
But I guess beautiful things never remain the same.
Do I still see you the same way?
Do I still feel you around?
Do you I still feel that you differ from others?
You know it all.




Oman ..


My trip to Oman in March was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been to. I admired the people there and how hospitable they were. I felt the love and met so many amazing people that I met through social media.

I went to Nizwa (Aljabal alakhdar) for two days and Muscat for two days. If you want to know more details about my trip watch these videos:


27th Birthday.

It has been another year full of changes, adventures, ups and downs. I’m grateful the new people that I met this year that added more light to my life and filled it with joy. I’m grateful for the ones that gave me another lesson in life. Grateful for the ones that let me down because they only lifted me higher and made me stand on my feet stronger than ever. Grateful for having the most amazing family, friends, health, food & shelter. All I need is happiness, more adventures & always appreciating simple pleasures of life.


Location: Flow coffee & Doha Fire-station